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There's An Apple iPad 3 waiting to be won!

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Previous Winners:

George Lawlor

"I played and I won an iPad, it doesn't get any better. That old saying is true - if you’re not in, you can't win Cheers"
Esther Ndungu

"OMG"I still cannot believe that I was one of the lucky winners.I was out with my sister, when I recieved the phone call informing me of that I had won an IPad.My sister laughed at me and said that it was a prunk call.A week later a brand new IPad was delivered to my life has changed,it's easier to chat with family and friends, it helps me get more organised. I feel truly Blessed to have won. Thanks so much
Sean Lewis
East Sussex

When you get a phone call out of the blue you just think ok what do they want (PPI) but to my surpprise I was informed that I won an ipad! The only problem is that my wife and children think they can use it! yah right...Thank you it was a great surprise and very enjoyable.

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